The idea of the game is that you're running an item shop in a fantasy town. Your goal is to sell to the adventurers all of the stuff they need. however, they don't know what to ask for. Using what you know about what they want, what they look like and what their current quest is, you should be able to infer the kinds of items that they would buy from you. Careful not to offer them too many items they don't need or they will leave the store in a huff!

This project was for SJSU's BUS2-130 class in Summer 2015. The intent was to give an example of a marketing concept. The concept of Customer Lifetime Value is ever so cleverly written into the game's flavor that I can't blame you if you missed it.


tl;dr: Use the mouse for everything.

Click the guy in yellow (you) to start the game. click the buttons below items to offer them to the customer. if the customer wants it, they will give you money for it. If they don't they will refuse it. If they refuse 3 items, they will immediately leave the store, losing any money you could have earned from them.

For full screen, click the button in the bottom right.